About us

About us

MTT Borns to offer a new concept of urban clothing based on quality and comfort, providing a minimalist, elegant and exclusive design. The frenetic pace in big cities, endless work meetings, or improvised business trips are part of the DNA of the society of our time. Our day to day requires versatile and functional clothing that allows us to carry out different activities throughout the day and in all kinds of weather conditions. We have designed the garments of tomorrow for the man of today.

Our maximum inspiration is to merge the technology and innovation developed in outdoor garments with a sober, elegant and cosmopolitan urban high-end performance fashion concept. We are MTT.

Merino tech high-end performance fabrics:

All our garments incorporate the revolutionary made in Italy Merino Tech fabric, a 100% natural merino wool fabric with properties such as thermoregulation, breathability, moisture regulation, natural stretch, wrinkle free, water and windproof resistance. Through textile engineering processes, maximum quality results are achieved focused on offering technical specifications depending on their use.

Patterns & Designs:

Our patterns are minimalist, clean, geometric and designed to be able to offer versatility and dynamism. In our garments you can find designs that incorporate all kinds of pockets and compartments for essential gadgets such as smartphones, passports, headphones, keys, chargers, pens and documents. With a very urban and avant-garde line concept, our silhouettes take as a reference the concept of tailoring made in Italy fused with the maximum comfort and performance.

!00% ECO-Sustainable

All our garments are made of 100% New Zealand merino wool guaranteed by the ZQ certification. We believe in using nature´s performance fabrics to protect our planet, eliminating any synthetic fabrics from our collection, which cause irreversible damages to our environment.

ZQ Merino is different. It is ethical wool, because it is selected and produced through a sustainable management of environmental, economic and social resources, safeguarding the wellbeing of people and animals. It brings together dedicated experts throughout the supply chain to transform nature's finest Merino fibre into high-end luxury and performance garments.

Our community of grower suppliers are the first step in the process that delivers beautiful, soft, high-performance ZQ Merino garments to people around the globe. Our growers are a diverse bunch, but they share a common passion and dedication, and a goal of producing the best Merino fibre available.