Fair Pricing

MTT is the product of a lifetime of experience in the luxury business and realizing men shouldn't have to spend obscene amounts for
premium quality apparel.

All our merino wool performance fabrics are made in Italy and used by luxury super powers in their collections, MTT breaks the monopolistic and exclusive use this premium quality fabrics by luxury brands and through a direct to consumer business model offers them to a fair and reasonable pricing by skipping abusive luxury superpowers retail mark up´s.

Fair pricing is one of the MTT´s keystones, cause we believe in ourcustomers right to buy our premium quality products at a fair price.

Currently men has three choices when it came to dress:

If you like italian premium quality clothing, these aren’t good choices.

Harnessing modern technology, we knew thatwe could get rid of middlemen and their markups to directly deliver a world-class functional apparel rivaling with luxury top brands, at an attainable price.

MTT fulfills the needs of the modern gentleman. We created a
reasonably priced, cleverly contemporary, utterly functional and
comfortable apparel that makes a lavish powerful statement
whether you’re landing your first client or running a Fortune 500 company.

Price Transparency

We also believe in transparency and that the client has the right to
know what are the costs involved in the confection of the product and the margin that he is paying to get the product.

You can see in our our price charts all cost and compare our sellingprice with traditional luxury brands retail price.