Merino wool is a naturally resilient and stretchy fibre, thanks to its internal spring-like structure. You can extend it 30% of its length without it breaking. And if you stretch it to 20% of its length it will bounce right back to the original. This means that when you wear our merino wool pieces, whether it’s socks out on the trail or our 100% merino base layer tops, they will keep their shape wear after wear.

Merino wool fibers are actually stretchier than nylon. Tests show that if you stretch nylon it breaks at 10% extension, versus merino’s 30%. Similarly, polyester fibers also stretch to a lesser extent than merino wool.

Our merino garments are easy-wear and easy-care. In fact, you can clean them in a washing machine without them shrinking. Merino fibers have an internal spring-like coil that holds the fiber’s shape. So, even our beautiful, soft knitwear is machine-washable.

Merino is a technically active fiber, which has the ability to gain and release heat depending on the wearer´s next-to-skin environment and the external conditions. As merino absorbs moisture it releases a small amount of heat and in hot conditions the reverse effect occurs. This means you stay warmer in cold conditions and cooler in hot conditions, It´s like wearing your own personal air conditioning system.

The merino fiber can actively manage moisture by absorbing from the skin and then desorbing to the atmosphere, leaving you dryer and more confortable, A merino fiber will absorb up to 35% of it´s own weight in water before feel in wet, much greater than most synthetic fibers.

Merino outperforms other fibers with its ability to resist the build-up of unpleasant odors. Oder molecules are absorbed into the merino fiber, effectively becoming trapped and less readily defected by the human nose.

Fine fibers form sheep such as merino, are confortable and soft enough to be worn next to the skin. Merino fibers are so fine that when in contact with the skin they simply bend, providing softness and comfort.

Our recycled membranes make our outdoor Merino fabrics waterproof providing protection and confort in all weather conditions

Our recycled membranes make our outdoor Merino fabrics wind proof providing protection and confort in all weather conditions

Our fabrics are treated to be wrinkle free which make our garments the perfect garment for traveling.