With a history of over 30 years, we believe that what we do and how we do it positively influences society. We are guided by fundamental principles such as honesty, loyalty and respect, creating trust with our partners and customers. We will continue to be a special place to work, where the diversity of people represents an opportunity to learn and share ideas.


    At Pafil, sustainability is crucial. We know that the future depends on everything we do now and in the years to come. Current needs inspire us to offer products that combine higher quality and less impact on the planet. We will continue to explore new materials and integrate the latest techniques and technologies into our products. We want to be synonymous with Innovation, Quality and Trust.


    Resource management is performed judiciously and efficiently, effectively applying the reduction, reuse and recycling of all materials.
    Part of our energy is obtained from renewable sources. We have a solar photovoltaic plant and an efficient lighting system entirely with LED technology.
    We are founding members of the Green Textiles Club.
    We have a 10 000m2 forest, which contributes to a greater environmental balance.


    We believe that what we do should be used to improve people's lives.
    For this reason, over all these years, we have been involved in projects that support local schools, firefighters, sports and cultural associations.


    We believe that Pafil's success depends on all of its employees.
    Pafil aims to be, above all, a family where everyone feels motivated and proud of the service they help provide.
    We value the role each person plays, we encourage each person's individual interests and we value new ideas.
    Together, we are committed to providing an environment that helps safeguard the safety and dignity of all employees.