Quality, respect for the environment and Made in italy excellence are just a few of the values the MTT represents on a daily basis. The cornerstones can be found in respect for the environment as well as its ability to draw the future, innovating constantly with sustainable luxury textiles.

A focus on sustainability is at the foundation of MTT process and these efforts are highlighted through the company´s appreciation for the people and respect for the environment. Our efforts to preserve the culture of will and its manufacturing techniques comes from a love for the land an ¡d a deep respect for its resources. Luxury takes on a natural dimension and an appreciation for people and for environment. The connection with the land is strong as is the awareness that producing exceptional textiles is an important as looking after the environment.

All phases of the manufacturing process are carefully monitored in order to offer a high quality fabric while guaranteeing maximum transparency to the client. The quality is the result of a meticulous supervision of the entire manufacturing process, providing clients with full visibility and allowing them to know the exact origins of the fabrics they are wearing.

Each phase of the wool production process tells a story of quality and excellence, found in every fabric. Each step is crucial and represents a fundamental piece of the mosaic that composes our fabrics the result of a carefully supervised manufacturing process inexhaustible efforts to obtain perfection in the yarn

MTT garments are made with Merino wool guaranteed by the ZQ certification; it is ethical wool, because it is selected and produced through a sustainable management of environmental, economic and social resources, safeguarding the wellbeing of people and animals.

ZQ Merino is different. It brings together dedicated experts throughout the supply chain to transform nature's finest Merino fibre into high-end luxury and performance garments.Our community of grower suppliers are the first step in the process that delivers beautiful, soft, high-performance ZQ Merino garments to people around the globe. Our growers are a diverse bunch, but they share a common passion and dedication, and a goal of producing the best Merino fibre available.